Emergency Notice

Notification from sam&dave
Currently, the coronavirus is spreading widely in Japan.
The Japanese government has declared this a national emergency and adopted various measures.
Sporting and other events will either be cancelled or held without an audience. Schools are required to be closed. These are incidents that have never happened before.
Our store has done everything within our means - including the placing of alcoholic disinfectant in front of our entrance - so that we could continue our operations.
However, an infected case has surfaced in a live music club in Osaka City.
Hence, we decided that the measures adopted in Japan need to be taken seriously.
Although our basic policy is to operate every single day, in view of this emergency situation, we decide to prioritize the health, safety and lives of Japanese citizens and foreign visitors alike.
We have made the difficult decision to stop operating until the end of the coronavirus crisis.
We will resume our operations when it's safe for you to patronize our store again.
We will update you on when we will resume our operations on our homepage and SNS sites.

sam&dave one
CEO Masato Yoshikawa
On behalf of all staff members

Prioritizes Customers' Safety
Closes Shop Temporarily Until Virus Situation Ceases!